The 5 Pillar Exceptional Teacher Evaluation System®

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford

History's narrative tells us that the most successful people and organizations are always seeking for new opportunities to improve. Henry Ford, the creator of Ford automotive left a steady and comfortable job to form his automotive company. Even after going bankrupt twice Ford did not give up until he was successful.

 As supervisors it can often be frustrating to see areas of improvement within your teaching staff but not have the right tools to help them to be successful. That's why Rob developed the 5 pillar exceptional teacher evaluation system as a way to positively and successfully evaluate teachers so that they can continue to improve at what they do best. 

This system focuses on evaluating teachers based on 5 essential questions; Relationships, Expectations, Rigor, HQ curriculum and Pacing. Through his career in teaching and supervising teachers Rob has found that these are the key aspects to creating exceptional teachers. Why settle for good when you could be exceptional?

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The "5 Pillar Exceptional Teaching Evaluation System®" booklet will explain the 5 key questions of measurement, provide a rubric and timeline to help you bring your teacher evaluations and feedback system to the next level. 

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