5 Pillar Evaluation System


Self-Reflection Form

All great learning starts with Self-Reflection. Teachers use this form to reflection on their practices and think about how they want to learn and grow during the year. Once they complete this form, it is sent to their supervisor to assist with the goal setting conference.

Goal Setting Form

Setting Student Learning and Growth goals and designing a system to see that learning occurs is one of the most important components of exceptional teaching.  Click on the button below to access a Google Form to set your goals. Upon completion of the form, it will be sent to your email address. Once you have completed it, set up a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your reflection and goals for the year.

Unit or Lesson Planning Form

This Google form contains the key elements for exceptional lesson plan design that will help students understand what they need to learn, why they need to learn it, and help teachers determine how to ensure their students learn the material. When teachers complete the form, they will receive a copy that they can send to their supervisor.

Observation Form

This 5 Pillar Google  observation form is completed by the supervisor. It can be used for an informal (unannounced) walkthrough, or a formal, scheduled observation. The form can be used to provide feedback on some or all of the 5 Pillars. 

Summative Evaluation Form

This form is completed by the supervisor at the end of an evaluation cycle. Temporary and Probationary teachers receive feedback on this form every year. Contract teachers receive feedback every other year. 

Provide your feedback

The final step in any effective process is to receive feedback from the users. Complete this form to provide feedback on what you learned this year, and how this evaluation system can be improved.